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Distributed Ledger enables decentralized transactions across a P2P network. There is no need for a middleman, resulting in almost instantaneous operations and most importantly, low fees. Plus, transactions carried out through a Distributed Ledger are much more secure, transparent, and private.

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All industries will have different benefits from implementing Distributed Ledger technology

  • We help companies to transform their business models and change how they create and capture value
  • We identify together new distributed opportunities
  • We implement Proof of concept or complete project to demonstrate the advantages

Our Specialties

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Corda development

Ethereum development

Conception & realization of POC, MVP

Smart Contracts Auditing

DLT project management

Distributed Ledger Courses/Trainings

Technical content writing


What We Can Do For You

With our expertise on Distributed Ledger strategy and advisory services, we can help you validate your project idea and advise on the best solutions!



We develop our own framework to simplify Corda development: Cordalo.ch



We help you to write industrial level smart contract in Solidity



We ensure that no big issues will be found when contacting auditing companies thus reducing iterations and costs.

Distributed Ledger Trainings/Courses

We organize training, courses and workshop and bring up to speed managers and developers.


We assist you starting and managing your Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in-house project.

technical Content Writing

Our partner can write technical content like review tech projects. Or simply website content creation and editing

Our Mission

Unlocking the potential of Distributed Ledger

At Disruptr , we develop, maintain and evaluate Distributed Ledger platforms, related products and web services and provide long-term assistance and advice on Distributed Ledger related technologies.

Disruptr is a proud member of Crypto Valley, the leading Distributed Ledger technology ecosystem in Switzerland, centered in and around the Swiss canton of Zürich. 

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