Blockchain Based Certificates


Blockchain Based Certificates solve the major problem of counterfeit credentials as it provides a solution to preserve the genuineness of certificates/diplomas/any documents.

Our product is a decentralized application that allow Issuer to create and issue Credentials to users. Storing data in a blockchain is expensive so eCertify store Issuer and Credentials info in IPFS and link these files by using the IPFS hashes.

Only issuer can upload certificates and the rest people can only view it.


  • Can add Credentials
  • Can view their Credentials
  • Can issue Credential to User


  • Can view the list of Credentials they have received
  • Can make make their Credentials visible to another users
  • Can decide whether they want to make their Credentials public or not


  • Available as SaaS or on premise intallation
  • Certificates are saved encrypted on IPFS, a distributed storage
  • Ethereum solution using smart contract
  • Front-end of our Web-App is made with React.Js