Advisory Service

Blockchain courses & trainings


We organize beginner or advanced Blockchain/Distributed Ledger courses and trainings in your offices.

Basics (3 days)

  • History of money, bitcoin and Blockchain​​
  • Assets Tokenization
  • Cryptography, Transactions and Blockchain Nodes
  • Self-Sovereign Identity
  • DEFI
  • Ethereum fundamentals
  • Web 3, Truffle
  • Smart Contract deployment

Developer (3 days)

  • Introduction to Solidity
  • Using Truffle for smart contract coding
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Introduction to Truffle and Ganache
  • Setting up a private PoA Ethereum Network

  • Ethereum Accounts, Transactions, Gas, EVM
  • Writing, compiling, deploying and interacting with smart contracts
  • Metamask
  • All ERC Tokens standard


  • Web3 decentralized applications and decentralized storage