Product Service

Hyperledger Network as a Service


We offer to operate a Hyperledger network as a service, using a highly secure infrastructure to operate and manage your operations.

Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain framework that runs smart contracts called chaincode, which are written in Go. Disruptr can create a private network with Hyperledger Fabric, limiting the peers that can connect to and participate in the network. 


Hosting using AWS cloud

  • We deploy a Hyperledger network in a new or existing virtual private cloud
  • Built-in resilience and high availability
  • Highest Security Standards EAL5+, ISO27001
  • Configuration management (DevOps)
  • Additional options available

Our Hyperledger Hosting offering

Hyperledger network on AWS

  • Ethereum network on an ECS cluster composed of multiple EC2 instances
  • Application Load Balancer