Signing and Timestamping service 

Disruptr operate a signing service as SaaS or on premise installation.

This service can be use to

  • Proove the existence of a document with a particular content
  • Proove that the signer/sender was in possession of that document at a point in time
  • Timestamp document


How it is working

Select a document you want to certify or timestamp forever on Ethereum blockchain.

Drag and drop or upload the document into the verification tool to calculate its unique fingerprint and match it with the blockchain immutable state to verify its authenticity.


  • Verified Ethereum blockchain identity with cryptographic signature
  • Certify content, issuer & timestamp on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Certification at a fixed price, starting at 1.-
  • FREE to verify content, issuer & timestamp on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Custom website for document verification
  • White labeling possible
  • GDPR compliant, no document are uploaded, all happen in your browser
  • Expiration date
  • Document revocation
  • Document salting: Add an additional security layer to protect highly sensitive data
  • Custom landing page for document verification
  • Monetize document verification