Advisory Service

Smart contract auditing services


A smart contract is similar to a traditional contract — except the conditions of the contract are trustless — the need for ‘trust’ (a third party overseeing the contract terms) is removed because the conditions of the contract are executed by computer.

Our Audit process

Disruptr follow a strict smart contract audit process

  • Best coding practices, clean code
  • Robustness against hacking
  • Does code implement expected behavior?

Our report

we deliver a PDF Report of all findings:

  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • Executive summary
  • Architecture reviewed
  • Code findings
  • Compliance with ERC-20 Standard
  • Compliance with smart contract best practices
  • Security review
    • 3rd party 
    • Logical errors
    • Denial of service errors
  • Automated analysis
  • Limitations

Additional services

We offer also additionally to the audit the possibilities to

  • Write missing unit tests
  • Complete code base to match
  • Complete code to make it production ready.