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Distributed Ledger Consulting


We digitalize every asset with the disruptive technology of Distributed Ledger and adjacent technologies smart contracts. 

We provide a host of offerings to assist you in the adoption, integration, and realization of Distributed Ledger applications.


Distributed Ledger & Blockchain Services

Our Distributed Ledger & Blockchain Advisory Service is aimed at small, medium and large enterprises planning to develop and implement a solution based on a Distributed Ledger environment.

dApp development

We make sure you’ll get the benefit of the immutability of data with zero downtime.

We are partnering with clients to gather and define requirements to reach the desired outcomes of the use case and to identify non-functional requirements around privacy, security, performance, and scalability

PoC, MVP, Pilot

We develop Minimum Viable Product using Agile project management reducing risks and shortening production launches. 

We provide training and support to an internal development team or a recommendation to the most appropriate blockchain platform to ensure a successful proof of concept or prototype.

Smart Contract

We offer you secure and audited smart contracts which can facilitate you to do the proper verifications of a contract. We assist you to create, manage and execute smart contracts, making your Distributed Ledger business convenient to manage. 

We develop smart contracts using Ethereum, Corda and Hyperledger.

Distributed Ledger Technology

We provide a strategic direction for all your Distributed Ledger related activities.

Workshopping to help identify the opportunities for effective and innovative Blockchain/Distributed Ledger solutions


We organize beginner or advanced Distributed Ledger courses and trainings in your offices.

Our Blockchain Academy program will be online soon.

White Paper / Websites

We help you refine your business model, review the technical content and help you attract potential investors. 

Our partner New Economies can write technical content like review tech projects. Or simply website content creation and editing.
New Economies is a leading agency in the Distributed Ledger industry that offers startups, corporations and governments unique media/Public Relations, business development, and investors relations services.

Service portfolio


  • Business model: We help you understand the potential of existing and emerging Distributed Ledger-based solutions.
  • Token design & economy
  • Market disruption
  • Process innovation
  • Requirement engineering


  • Market analysis:
    • We maintain a list of 40’ooo blockchain companies worldwide
  • Technology assessments
    • We assess 45+ Smart COntract blockchain platforms and can help you choose the right one for your use case


  • Solution architecture
  • PoC, MVP, Pilot
  • Testing & auditing
  • Full implementation


  • DLT project management

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